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virtuelle satire

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jose antonio garcia soler

We live in a world where virtual networks are getting more and more attention…..

We spend a big amount of our time walking through this  parallel universe: chats,life simulators,social networks….all of them are making us avoid the direct contact with other people….

In 1844, Karl Marx wrote:
“Die Religion ist das Opium des Volkes”
(Religion is the opium of the people).
Nowadays,this sentence,could be translated as:
” The virtual world is the opium for the people”.

My work consists on a sound representation of this interesting alienation.
It’s about a synthetic walk through The Fehrbelliner Platz ,where every single sound has been generated digitally,representing this cold  and enjoyable world, that has become a part of our lifes.

Cars,ambulances,children,birds….and many other elements of the real life habe been produced using FM-synthesis trying to build an abstract of this new universe.

Obviously ,we cannot underestimate the way in this new tools help us.
That’s why the piece is focused on a comic perspective which is also critic at the same time.

The decision to use just FM-synthesis to elaborate my work was made because it gives us the possibility to create a complete new reality starting from zero.
This fact brings the artist loads of possibilities to explode his creativity and to give his own point of view.

On the other side,starting from zero assumes a difficulty that brings the artist the opportunity to consider it in some how as a challenge.