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roni kaplan

Post-Ideological Sequence


Roni Kaplan was born in 1979 in the coastal city of Tel-Aviv, Israel. At the age of 12 he bought his first electric guitar. After discovering he didn’t know how to play it, he started taking lessons and continued doing so for the next four years. During this time Roni developed a great interest in sound and started looking for new ways through which he could make his guitar sound different. When he was 17, after being exposed to experimental electronic music, Roni sold his vintage guitar-pedal collection, bought his first synthesizer, and never looked back. In 2000, after being discharged from the Israeli army, he began producing electronic music professionally and DJing at underground parties while working at a music college in Tel-Aviv, in the electronic music department. Between 2005-2008 Roni studied History and Political-Science at Tel-Aviv University. After spending two years working at an information security company, protecting the world’s largest banks from “hackers” and making good money, he decided he had enough and moved to Berlin with his wonderful wife. Currently, Roni is busy working on various projects, most of them related to music/sound design in his ever changing home studio in Prenzlauer-Berg.

Interests and hobbies include: DSP, making babies cry, making hard-drives cry, taking things out of context, “vintage” drum-machines and samplers, post-modern philosophy, and gourmet coffee.